Certified Scrum Product Owner


This is a 2 Day-Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) Class taught by Chet Hendrickson, one of the founding fathers of Agile and XP. The Certification is backed by the Scrum Alliance. There is no exam for this class.

The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with the product owner role in Scrum and relay

techniques which will enable those who interact with the product owner to implement Scrum successfully.

The class begins with a review of the Scrum approach to development. The class includes exercises

used to practice release planning, user story creation, and prioritization. The class ends with detailed

techniques for preparing for future iterations of development.

After leaving this class, students will be able to plan a project using release planning techniques,

communicate status with management, and effectively work with a Scrum team.


•Learn Release Planning techniques

•Understand how to write a usable product backlog

•Learn various techniques for prioritizing the product backlog

•Learn techniques for forecasting both cost and delivery date of features and deliverables

•Understand the pivotal role that product owners play in the Scrum

•Learn the usefulness of user stories

oPractice creating user stories

oLearn the attributes which indicate good stories

o How to write non-functional requirements as user stories

oCompare and contrast to other requirement perspectives

•Learn to categorize stories

•Conduct user role modeling

oUnderstand user roles

oPractice user role modeling

oCreate personas

•Understand lifecycle evolution of user stories

oLearn how much work to do up-front and how much to do just-in-time

oConduct a story-writing workshop


Those who need to know the basics of Agile because they will participate on an Agile team.

Primary Attendee Group: Business Analysts, Product Owners, Subject Matter Experts

Secondary Attendee Group:Project Team, Product Owners, Managers


Hands-on, interactive, collaborative workshop. Very little lecture. Students must be prepared to work

with others in groups. Students can bring real life issues to work through in class

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