Jon Jorgensen is a Certified Team Coach with the Scrum Alliance and an Accredited Kanban Trainer with Lean Kanban University.  He takes a holistic approach to assisting large and small organizations successfully navigate their journey through agile transformation.

Working at a global scale with multinational conglomerates such as Canon, EMC, TiVo/Rovi, and Adobe, Jon has pioneered the use of Open Space Agility and Enterprise Scrum to support every aspect of an organization, including the culture, in shifting the direction of its growth to something scaleable and conducive to an agile mindset.

The only thing that scales, is self-organization.  As a Certified Professional Facilitator, Jon provides client organizations with many options for a substrate upon which rapid, unfettered, disruptive growth reliably springs.

In coaching alliances with business owners, executives, managers and team members, Jon consistently sees bold leaders emerge newly present to their own greatness and expanded capability to orchestrate big room events wherein large numbers of agile teams reinvent their processes, align goals, and set work cadence.  He incorporates Applied Improv principles into his work with innovation teams and executive leadership.

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